Arkham witch - hammerstorm

In Batman: Shadow of the Bat #80 , a female inmate meets with Jeremiah Arkham. The illustration resembles Witch, a caucasian woman with a pentagram on her forehead, but the caption identifies the character as Vox and the dialog mentions "the voices" a disorder Vox suffered from.

There’s nothing fancy on show here, just weighty, and at times bluesy doom-tinged metal that combines rainy atmosphere and monolithic meandering, particularly with a track like ‘Iron Shadows In The Moon’, which showcases the aptly named Aldo “Dodo” Doom’s guitar quake and Simon Iff?’s warlock growl.

Arkham Witch - HammerstormArkham Witch - HammerstormArkham Witch - HammerstormArkham Witch - Hammerstorm