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Aquamarine belongs to the beryl group of minerals . There are quite a few different gemstone-quality varieties of beryl , most of which are classified based on color and coloring agents, such as green emerald. Aquamarine also occurs with chatoyancy (cat's eye aquamarine and asterism (star aquamarine), which are extremely rare and very valuable. Other gems that can closely resemble aquamarine include Larimar , amazonite , tourmaline, sapphire and spinel.

In less than ten years, JAGO AG has grown from a one-man-company with a turnover of EUR 200,000 to an international firm with hundreds of employees and a turnover of EUR 93,000,000. The numbers are definitely impressive, but they do not tell the whole story. Take a look behind the curtains at the Stuttgart-based company founded by CEO Goran Jakovac and discover the exciting opportunites JAGO offers its employees.

New 356-C colors include Sky Blue #6403, Irish Green #6406, Dolphin Grey #6410, and Togo Brown #6411, which are also designated as Special Colors.

The king of all ballets "The Swan Lake" was performed here for the first time in 1877. After one of the performances with Galina Ulanova as a lead actress, a florist from Holland selected two new tulip varieties: "Bolshoi Theatre" and "Galina Ulanova". One can still find this flowers on the flower beds of theatre square.

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Aquamarin - AquamarinAquamarin - AquamarinAquamarin - AquamarinAquamarin - Aquamarin